GoPro South Africa is proud to be associated with several of South Africas best athletes and personalities, bloggers and events.  Since Omnico was given the opportunity to manage the GoPro brand some key people were targetted to join the team.

Ray Chaplin: Solo Adventurer

Ray is one of the most inspring people you will ever meet.  There is no giving up, ever.  He constantly seeks something that is different from the norm.  He was one of the first, if not the first to cycle from Cape Town to Johannesburg and also to walk from Cape Town to Beit Bridge.  He has tackled some micro adventures just to keep himself busy in-between too.  24 hour non-stop cycling, cycling major distances and more.  His biggest adventure is yet to come.  Some say he has gone completely crazy for tackling Shova 360, in fact only about 3 people in the world think it is possible.

Shova 360 is a human powered circumnavigation of the earth crossing the poles.  This has never been done.  This makes Riaan Mansers adventures look like a kids party.  Imagine yourself alone on a boat-like bicycle in the middle of the arctic sea, freezing, ice everywhere, gusts of wind, massive swell and no-one around you.  Alone.  And that is just one small part of you adventure.

Ray starts Shova 360 on 1 January 2012 with a record attempt at cycling from Cape Town to Cairo in less than 71 days.  That is more than 150km a day, everyday, for the whole trip!  Good Luck Ray!

Rosy Hodge: Surfer

Rosy is a very well known personality in surfing word wide.  She is not only a very consistent performer in the water but she is also often seen in the commentary booth or the presenters chair.  She attends every major surfing event in the world and ads her special angle to everything.  She started surfing with her brother and father in East London and quickly progressed into the WQS and then the World Tour after leaving school.  Rosy is currently the face of Oakley sunglasses and a proud GoPro hero!

Nick de Wit: FMX rider

Ever been to Red Bull X Fighter jams?  He is the show stopper doing the superman backflips.  The Travis Pastrana of South Africa some might say.  He has become more than that though.  He started riding when he was 15 and after a while got into FMX and has consistently dominated the FMX scene in South Africa since.  He is currently ranked 5th in the world and regularly competes and performs in X Fighters demos for Red Bull.  We are proud to have Sick Nick on our team.




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