Use of GoPro cameras at MTB Races

There has been some speculation in online forums about the use of Helmet mounted cameras and their use at races.  The following is an extract from the UCI rules:

The UCI passed the below rule regarding Helmet Mounted Cameras in DH racing only, earlier this year.

4.3.014 Helmet cameras are not permitted during qualifying rounds and finals. The riders are responsible for securing the fixation of the helmet cameras in order to avoid any danger. The UCI can decide to allow a helmet camera during finals but only for the usage of the TV production company. Metal/permanent fixtures to attach the helmet cameras are not allowed, tape and velcro are allowed.

Since then the decision has been made locally and abroad to apply this rule to all MTB disciplines, BUT this only applies to Helmet Mounted Cameras! So Chest and Bike mounted cameras are still allowable.

Further to this there seems to be a move among landowners that grant access to their land for MTB races to ban the use of cameras on their land as a condition of allowing passage through their land. The reason is that they claim people are geo-tagging their race videos and uploading them to various sites and that this is increasing the level of trespassing by cyclists etc on Private Land.

Helmet Hero with Vented Helmet Strap mounting

This however would be an event specific situation i.e. it is a rule of the event and not UCI/CSA. As all riders sign an indemnity form that includes acceptance of event rules and regulations they will have to abide by it. The point here is that riders will have to check the race rules carefully to avoid confrontations on the start line and if there is no rule banning the use of cameras no one can force them to remove a bike/chest mounted camera no matter who they are.

GoPro Cameras at the Epic: 

The organisers of the Epic is committed to having GoPro cameras used during the race due to the success of the POV(Point of view) footage in 2011.  As an event according to the UCI ruling they can allow the use of cameras if it is for TV production.  This makes it easy for the Epic to allow the cameras according to the UCI.

We appeal to all cyclists to respect private land and not to trespass at any time!


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