GoPro Heroes Walk

A few intrepid adventurers are taking on a mammoth challenge by walking from Cape Town to Hermanus in three days, in aid of Hanli Prinsloo’s I am Water Trust coinciding with the Two Oceans Whale festival.  At first it seems like a quick journey but keep in mind it is a 150km that has to be covered over only 3 days!  That is 50km per day!  I am not sure if you have ever walked that far in a day but it is not going to be easy.  The walk will start at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Friday 30 September and end on Sunday 2 October in Hermanus.

I am the unfit “Average Joe” in the group of walkers that has never done anything like this.  My fellow travelers are Ray Chaplin and Dane Grant.  Ray is not a newbie to adventurous antics since he has cycled from Cape Town to Johannesburg a few times and walked from Cape Town to Beit Bridge.  These are just small challenges all building up to his ultimate challenge called Shova 360.  In short he is circumnavigating the world over the poles by human power only!  This has never been done.  It is crazy to everyone I have spoken to.  According to Ray only three people in the world think it is possible.  He starts his challenge on 1 January 2012 with an attempt to cycle from Cape Town to Cairo in a record time.

Dane doesn’t need any intro either but for those of you who don’t know he is Mr Parkour.  Parkour or freerunning is a sport that involves moving over obstacles in the most efficient way.  Dane is super fit and this shouldn’t be a challenge physically but will be hard on him mentally.  Using the same muscle group for 10 hours a day will be a challenge for a fit person too.

The whole walk and what we get up to along the way aims to highlight the importance of ocean conservation.  The work that Hanli Prinsloo is doing is invaluable.  People don’t often realise what is really going on in our oceans as they never get to into contact with the sea or marine life.  GoPro will be highlighting the work that The Two Oceans Aquarium is doing in an upcoming series to further spread the word and importance of ocean conservation.

For every R10 000 we raise one of us will walk in a sea inspired costume! The more people that join the more money we will raise!

Account details:

Standard Bank, Hillcrest
Account:  62552279
Branch Code:  005726

Reference: Heroeswalk

Hanli is currently in Greece to compete in the Freediving World Champs.  She is the current SA Freediving record holder and aims to beat this record in Greece.  She has been ill though so we wish her the best for the event.

The route takes us from the Aquarium in the V&A Waterfront along the N2 to Gordon’s Bay for Day 1.  Day two is the toughest as we climb the hills of Rooi Els & co to Kleinmond.  Luckily there will be loads of distraction as the view of the ocean stretches out to our right.  Our last day takes us from Kleinmond to Hermanus.  This short day will be tough as our bodies will be sore and our feet battered from walking about 10 hours day for the 1st two days.

We thank the Two Oceans Aquarium and the Two Oceans Whale Festival for their support of this project.  For more information on the team please visit the GoPro SA facebook page: or the respective websites:


Use of GoPro cameras at MTB Races

There has been some speculation in online forums about the use of Helmet mounted cameras and their use at races.  The following is an extract from the UCI rules:

The UCI passed the below rule regarding Helmet Mounted Cameras in DH racing only, earlier this year.

4.3.014 Helmet cameras are not permitted during qualifying rounds and finals. The riders are responsible for securing the fixation of the helmet cameras in order to avoid any danger. The UCI can decide to allow a helmet camera during finals but only for the usage of the TV production company. Metal/permanent fixtures to attach the helmet cameras are not allowed, tape and velcro are allowed.

Since then the decision has been made locally and abroad to apply this rule to all MTB disciplines, BUT this only applies to Helmet Mounted Cameras! So Chest and Bike mounted cameras are still allowable.

Further to this there seems to be a move among landowners that grant access to their land for MTB races to ban the use of cameras on their land as a condition of allowing passage through their land. The reason is that they claim people are geo-tagging their race videos and uploading them to various sites and that this is increasing the level of trespassing by cyclists etc on Private Land.

Helmet Hero with Vented Helmet Strap mounting

This however would be an event specific situation i.e. it is a rule of the event and not UCI/CSA. As all riders sign an indemnity form that includes acceptance of event rules and regulations they will have to abide by it. The point here is that riders will have to check the race rules carefully to avoid confrontations on the start line and if there is no rule banning the use of cameras no one can force them to remove a bike/chest mounted camera no matter who they are.

GoPro Cameras at the Epic: 

The organisers of the Epic is committed to having GoPro cameras used during the race due to the success of the POV(Point of view) footage in 2011.  As an event according to the UCI ruling they can allow the use of cameras if it is for TV production.  This makes it easy for the Epic to allow the cameras according to the UCI.

We appeal to all cyclists to respect private land and not to trespass at any time!

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